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The case study of the formatted drama series The Bridge so far encompass qualitative audience research, production interviews and field work for Bron | Broen, season 2 and 3 (Sweden, Denmark and UK); and the remake The Bridge (US and Mexico).

On the production side of the case study of Bron ||| Broen (season 2) we have 9 interviews with producers in Filmlance. In the audience research, which is based on individual interviews, focus

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Bron || Broen (2014)

groups and participant observation with audiences in home settings, there were 47 participants in total. Two semi-structured focus groups were conducted with 16 participants in Lund. The participant observations with 15 audiences took place in Lund, Malmo, Stockholm and Aarhus, during the beginning, middle and end of season two.

The study of  Bron ||| Broen in the UK includes 33 interviews with British audiences, observations in home settings and in fan conventions. Participant observations were conducted at Nordicana twice and empirical data from these events include, field reports, photo documentation and vox pop interviews at the events.

Further, the research on Bron || Broen  includes a case study of the fans of the show in Denmark, Sweden and the UK. The empirical data for this case consist of participant observations conducted in home settings and fan events in Sweden, Denmark and the UK, and a series of recurring in-depth interviews, both face-to-face, over Skype and telephone that took place both during and after the broadcast period with 15 fan audience.

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Bron ||| Broen (2015)

For Bron ||| Broen (season 3) in Sweden and Denmark we have 25 production interviews and observations during the filming of episode 9-10 of season 3. The participants in the production interviews range from executive producers, creative directors and sound designers to editors, costume designers and actors. The audience interviews for Bron III amount to 62 Danish and Swedish respondents. 2 focus group interviews were conducted in Lund with 9 and 10 respondents in December 2015. An additional 28 Vox-pop styled interviews with audiences and fans were conducted during the Galla night of the screening of episode 1 and 2 of season 3 at Malmö Live, October 2015).

For Bron ||| Broen in the UK we so far have 25 audience interviews with British audiences. This research is ongoing.


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The Bridge (US/Mexico 2013-2014)

The Bridge (US) case study includes 4 production interviews and 12 interviews with audiences in the US and Mexico.








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Utopia (UK 2013 -2014)

For Utopia we have 23 interviews with the production team in Kudos. The audience data so far consist of 30 interviews with audiences in various countries (Sweden, Mexico, US, Russia, Germany, Denmark, Italy, France, UK, Chile, Colombia, Slovenia). This project is ongoing.


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