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CAMRI research seminar: Media Industries and Engagement

University of Westminster, 3 May 2016

Speakers: Julie Donovan (Formats Consultant), Annette Hill (Lund University), Jane Roscoe (Head of London Film School), Douglas Wood (Group Director of Research and Insight, Endemol Shine), Chair Jeanette Steemers (University of Westminster)

This panel focuses on media engagement within the industry. The panel takes the form of a dialogue between industry and academic researchers involved in a collaborative project on production and audience research on engagement (funded by the Wallenberg Foundation and in collaboration with Endemol Shine Group). Panel speakers from the film and television industry, and academic researchers working on audience engagement, discuss how media engagement is multi-faceted, working across political and public spheres, policy and industry sectors, audiences and popular culture.

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International Symposium on Media Engagement: Connecting Production, Texts and Audiences

University of Westminster, 4 May 2016

Wallenberg Foundation, Lund University and University of Westminster. Organisers: Annette Hill and Jeanette Steemers

How do people engage with media such as television drama, twitter feeds, or reality entertainment? Media engagement is a broad term for research into how we experience media content, artefacts and events, from our experience of live performances, to social media engagement, or participation in media itself. Media engagement offers a rich site of analysis for exploring the dispersed connections across industry contexts, cultural forms, and audience experiences.

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International conference on Media and Transgression

Lund University, 17 March 2016
This year conference considers media and transgression in relation to the following areas of enquiry: political transgression, for example social movements, activism, and subversive politics; informal media economies, including piracy policies, discourses and practices; cross media content, form and aesthetics, such as hybrid genres, taboo topics, mashup and remix cultures; and transgressive roles, for example the blurred boundaries of witness-perpetrator, producer-user, fans and anti-fans, audiences and publics within media and society.

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International conference on Media Engagement

Lund University, 19 March 2015                
The 2015 conference focused on the notion of media engagement in four areas of enquiry: political engagement, policy and industry engagement, audience engagement, and methodology and methods for researching media engagement. The research questions include: What role does media play in processes of political and public engagement? What are the models of engagement within media and cultural industries? How and why do audiences engage with media in politics, society and culture? In what ways can we research engagement with media and social media?

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Researching Production and Audiences: National and International Contexts of Television

University of Westminster, 12 December 2014                                                              International Symposium organised by the Communication and Media Research Institute (CAMRI), University of Westminster in association with the Department of Communication and Media, Lund University, Sweden. With support from the Marianne & Marcus Wallenbergs Foundation.

Production and audience studies have traditionally operated in separate
spheres. Yet recent developments in the production, distribution, economics
and cultural experience of audio-visual content suggest that these boundaries
are shifting. This symposium aims to examine the complex interplay between
production and culture in different national and global contexts and the extent
to which researchers can respond to developments in the business and
practice of media.


International conference on Producers and Audiences

Lund University, 20 March 2014
How can production and audience research allow space for broader questions about media and our engagement with it? This conference explores challenges for research, theory and practice. The aim is to examine the complex interplay between production and viewing cultures in global, political, industrial, social, and cultural contexts. The conference follows three areas of enquiry in media, communication and cultural studies: relations between producers and audiences; theories, methods and practices; and creative content for contemporary mediascapes. The aim is to provide a platform for international scholars and junior scholars from disciplines such as media, communication and cultural studies, film studies, sociology and political communication, to debate the issues at work in understanding media producers and audiences. The speakers are invited scholars with international books and journal articles published on topics related to media producers and audiences. There will also be open panels for up to sixty participants from around the world.

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